It’s weird –

she still haunts me.

I cannot understand why I occasionally let her drift through my mind.

I never slept with her.

I never kissed her.

I just let her in.


The crazy thing is, for me it wasn’t physical.

Apart from the eyes.

My god the eyes!


She was kind,



Most of all she was honest.


She wasn’t perfect –

she did things I didn’t agree with.

Her imperfections,

her flaws,

became another part of her allure.


She is worthy of any mans time.

She was a friend.

A dear friend I often miss.




Big Eyes

Big eyes,

I’ve drowned in your pools. 

Naive little me,

I could not escape the shallow little thoughts. 

Your beauty too much of an allure,

Wisked me away to the centre of the storm. 

You were never to be tamed,

You were to be admired – your depths explored. 

You’ve taken all from me,

Please, just wash me ashore.