It was hazy and intimate. This dingy little club had all the character of a smokey jazz club from the 80’s. The smooth soulful rasp of the saxophone drew them to both raise there heads and look in the direction of the jazz band. As he glanced around, his eyes met this gorgeous brunette sat across the room gazing at him. Could she be looking at him or had he had one too many drinks?

He glanced back round and faced his table. He took a swift look down at his scotch on the rocks and looked up with a pondering look on his face. Puzzled to if he was seeing things or this bright brown eyed goddess was genuinely eyeing him up, he started to try and think of ways to talk to her. Ways to woo her. Ways to impress her. Perhaps try and make her smile.

To make sure he wasn’t getting ahead of himself he looked back round. The woman was now with her eyes set on the band. Just as he went to turn away he caught her flick her hair. Just as she did she caught him glancing, looked back and smiled.

All timid and shy, he didn’t know what to do. He started to go all clammy. He wanted to ask her to dance but he didn’t want to be shot down in front of the fifty odd people in the bar – even if they were all solely focusing on the band and enjoying themselves.

He got his drink in his hand and quickly saw it off. Now or never, that had to give him some sort of courage.

He stood up, and placed his chair neatly under the table and proceeded to walk across to her. As he did, anything and everything he could and would want to say was disappearing out of his head. He started to panic. As he got closer the girl looked at him. The closer he got, the larger the smile grew on her face. All of a sudden nothing mattered to him anymore. This breezy feeling hit him and he felt composed.

He made it to her. They both smiled and he put out his hand. She looked at his hand, then looked up. The biggest grin streamed across her face and her eyes began to pop. She swung her legs round from under the table and grabbed his hand.

He whisked her off to the middle of the dance floor where there were a few other couples dancing steadily. He drew her in close and gazed into her deep into her intriguing eyes. Her mesmerising smile left him what could be. Her hand placed on his shoulders they stopped and enjoy a moment of peace. It was as if the world had stopped. They were lost in each others stares.

He kept one of his hands by her hips and started to gently run his other hand up her back. Slowly and using his fingers to slowly roll them against her spine until it made it’s way to top. Each vertebrae the fingers rolled across drew her in more. She looked at him and went in for the kiss.

It was far too easy. Just as his lips brushed hers the band stopped. They pulled apart and looked in disappear as all of a sudden the lights came on. The other revellers started rushing around. He grabbed her by the hand but she was dragged out with the rushing crowd.

He flowed outside into the cold. People were stood there looking bemused wanting to know what was going on nothing was being said. He couldn’t care less with why they were evacuated, he just wanted to find the girl he had momentarily lost his soul to. He started to barge his way to through the cluster of people and fell out to the curb. Picking himself up, he looked down the street left. Nothing. He turned back around and looked down the right of the street. There was nothing. She was gone. And gone with that was the moment he thought he had met the girl on his dreams.


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