It’s been a while but I am finally back to chatting more waffle on WordPress. Although, I did have to go through some old posts and delete them because they made we wince once I read them.

Like what was I thinking?!

Anyway, I have been back from Travelling Asia for just over a month now. I am yet to make much headway with normal life. I have been all over the place; in and out of different interviews, assessment days and finding any excuse to ransack the biscuit tin. I have even struggled to motivate myself to study – although I did finally discover what I want to do with my life whilst I was away.

The posts will probably not be as sad as before where I was at a loss with my love life, but more about my stories of my travels, the predicaments I got myself in and the amazing people I stubbled across. Plus there will be updates on my life now my friends signed me up to Facebook and put me on Tinder.

I look forward to sharing plenty of my ludicrous stories, but for now, have a good night and I will update you soon.

P.S. Donald Trump? You’re better than that, America.


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