Do you ever feel like you have just let everything pile on top of you without realising it?

Without realising it or reacting to it quick enough I have managed to just dig myself into a hole. Which I kind if knew I was doing at first but I do not think I really anticipated the rate of decent.

With focusing on job hunting, Christmas activities and preparing myself to move out, I have kind of let everything else build up – maybe a few, ‘I’ll do that later’ thoughts and actions haven’t helped either. I also do not think I properly adapted to being at home from Asia very well until only recently.

No I wasn’t depressed or anything! I just got into the habit of thinking, ahh it will be fine, I’ve mastered wandering around amazing countries on the other side of the world, this will be a doddle to catch up with.

But low and behold, that was not such the case also. And it was not really until I was plumped down in the hairdressers chair this morning that I really realised I had let myself slip.

This isn’t all negative though. Although I have left myself with a monstrous mountain to climb I know there are plenty of positives and incentives in there to work hard and get my head down.

For instance, I managed to land a new job that starts in the New Year. A job that has progression and doesn’t require me to constantly sacrifice my evenings and weekends. I also move out into a new apartment which is more show of progression.

Now I just need to figure out a way of managing priorities and that is what I find the most daunting for the time being. How to incorporate studies with the new job. Getting fit again – seeming as I have massively abused tea and biscuits for the past two months – and finally writing up my about my travelling adventures.

But for now I guess this is a start. I have acknowledged that I need to cool it with the laziness and complacency and get my head down.

Hope you all have all enjoyed the holidays and that you enjoy the rest of 2015, because 2016 is going to be a good one.



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