That night, that day, now all seems a dream,

waiting for you, waiting for me is the game or so it seems.

My stubbornness, my cowardliness, my lack of being able to risk,

left you wondering what was wrong for me not to move in for the kiss.

Your eyes so deep, so dark and so brown,

they captivated me, my heart raced, it pounded.

Do it, Ben, do it, my heart shouted,

take her by the hand and pull her in quick.

But I stop, I panic,

what if I do? What if I let her in?

I pull myself back and I find myself held in her gaze,

I see a dip into the future, but it is just a haze.

The opportunity is gone, with me too now, into the abyss,

I see myself looking back and wondering what I will miss.


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