Who is your Bonnie?

You’ve done it! You’ve executed the plan.

You exit the bank and toss the bags through the open back windows of the dusty stolen 1970’s Impala.

You swiftly scoot around to the front of the car, dashing across the bonnet as you make your way to the drivers side of the door.

You swing the door open and swoon in.

You see in the passenger side the love of your life, the only one you need sitting there.

Relief washes over her face as the bank alarm bells bellow out.

You sit in the car seat and reach for the keys that are already dangling in the ignition.

As you twist the car keys and fire that tatty old set of wheels up you look at her to your right.

She is sat there, waiting for you to lock eyes.

She sucks you in for that moment and you’re caught holding her gaze.

Your heart racing as your life with her life briefly flashing through your mind as you’re lost in those deep brown caverns of beauty.

You see that moment of waking up on the little beach house on a secluded beach, that moment you have always dreamed about, that moment where you’re waking up to the waves lapping the beach as she lays in your arms.

The car starts and you smiles as you glances forward.

You are warm, you have nearly pulled it off and you are with the love of your life, your perfect partner in crime.

The alarms are still screeching out and the noise of the approaching police sirens are growing.

You put your foot on the gas and head through the long winding streets.

The windows down, and the wind is whistling through the tatty old car as you weave through the rush hour traffic.

You put your hand on her knee as you swing the car around the final corner of the financial.

You have nearly made it, the end is in sight.

As you approach the last hill out of the city the noise and sirens disappear into the background becoming fainter and fainter as you go.

As you get to the top of the hill you are with this glaring beam of light.

It’s so bright but so dazzling. It is twilight time but you did it, you made it.

You slow down and look over at her sun kissed face one more time as you drive off into the distance.


Ask yourself; in this scenario, who would be your partner in crime? 




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