I Did It!

I did it! I finally did it! I contacted the woman I cannot stop thinking about.

As I type this I get that excited feeling in my stomach but I feel I have finally got piece of mind. By putting myself out there, I am not just being honest with how I really feel, I am making the effort to go after something I really want.

It isn’t all smooth sailing though and I am okay with that. Yeah I put myself out there but she is being closed off and seems disinterested, which is a shame for me I guess.

I’d love to admit to her that she pops into my head more often that anything else. I’d love to tell her I dream of just sitting there picking her brain as she lays over me, catching her glances across to me as she awaits for my response to her thoughts.

The positive is that I have now got to the point where I know what I want and I have discovered how much admiration and awe I have for massively intellectual women. When you pair that with a heart of gold, what else could you ask for?

But the biggest lesson she taught me is that it is okay to let people in. By being honest with somebody you are being honest with yourself. I feel it is a brilliant way for self reflection, and self reflection is key to evolving as a person.

Anyway, lets see what delightful being crosses my path next.


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