Feline & the Wool

A ball of wool rests comfortably on table in the mist of the gloomy light.

The naked lightbulb is for all to see.

The ill light of the bulb has the filament exposed.

Below, the strand of the wool is left dangling over the edge of the table.

It hangs in suspense, taunting any rogue passerby to question nabbing at it.

Out of the shadows an intrigued kitten appears – the strand of wool has drawn its attention.

I catch the adolescent feline in the corner of my eye as I sit in darkness across the room.

The kitten places itself down gracefully as it ponders what to do.

After a brief moment of thought, the kitten extends a limb a gently lands the first paw on the strand.

The kitten then extends another paw.

And then another.

Before long the strand of wool is now caressing the cold hard wooden floor.

The kitten is now stood at attention looking confused as what to do next.

The ball of wool is now perilously close to the edge of the table.

The lightbulb has reached its terminal phase and is not much more than a dying ember.

The young mammal has made its mind up and seizes the opportunity to pounce on the string.

With it goes the ball of wool.

It drops to the floor and bounces in front of the frisky feline, rolling towards the kitten slightly.

The kitten refrains.

Now towering over it, the kitten’s eyes fixed on his victim as his head tilts slightly and the its tail sweeps slowly left to right.

Trying to ignore this, I glance over to see the shadowy outlines of the two in what is left in the dwindling light.

I watch in anticipation what will occur next.

The feline rolls the side of its face against the ball of the wool, slowly brushing its whiskers along the smooth texture of the material.

The cat flinches and dives on the long loose strand.

The ball gets dragged along with it and begins to unravel.

It seizes the opportunity to pull it apart.

To-and-fro, all I see is the kitten’s shadow flickering in and out of the lustrous light.

The ball of wool is falling apart, quickly diminishing as it rolls around in a oval pattern around the hard floor.

Tap, tap, tap on floor, tall I can hear is the noise the felines paws and claws.

I am fixated as the room is muted.

The light dissolves and the cat comes to an abrupt halt.

As I stand up the kitten darts off.

All that lays there is the the outline of what once was the ball of wool.


I wake up in a sweat. It was all a dream.

Maybe it was a sign?

Perhaps you are the cat and I am the ball?

Slowly gaining more of my attention, you are the feline and I am the wool.

You are the one that is sat in the back on my mind that I try to ignore.

Clawing away at me, you unravelled me more.

You have my attention.

You did all along.


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