So Long

So long Tinder! We had fun whilst it lasted.

It’s over, I have reverted back to what makes me feel morally happy and I have deleted Tinder once and for all.

I think the final straw was a girl messaging me at 2am to come round and have sex. If this was before I went traveling, I probably would of let her come round. It’d be me having to waka up in the morning, dragging myself to work on minimal sleep whilst she gets to lay there in my bed before using my shower and leaving before I return from work.

That is not natural in my eyes still. I have never signed up to a dating site and Tinder was initially set up by my friends.

What Tinder made me miss is the lust. In no way am I a Cassonova. I’m not confident and I’m certainly not an oil painting. But for some reason I could hold my own if somehow a conversation struck up between a female and I.

I miss the meeting for the first time and not knowing anything about one another. The impulsive chat, the spark. The meeting in certain scenarios. Scenarios that life coincidently placed the same person and you in the same place, at the same time.

Even if you are using Tinder just for a hook up, one of my most favourite parts of sex is the moment, being caught up in lust, and I feel a lot of that is lost if you start talking on an app.

Even if you counter that argument with girls who will also talk dirty to you on Tinder. For me, I lose respect for that person. You’ve offered it too easily for me. I would sleep with you just because I could and not really knowing why either.

Maybe I am a little old school. Maybe I like meeting people and hitting off with them from there.

That is one of the things I miss from traveling.

Meeting new people. Different thoughts, different opinions, the countless different conversations you can have. Where these conversations lead are always fun. You could of made an acquaintance for the evening or a friend for life, but it is achieved without hiding behind an app.

You get to feel the energy of the moment. You can really gauge where it is going.

Before you know it, you’re closer, you’re kissing and touching. Impulse has gripped you both and lust is in total control.

It doesn’t necarssarily have to end in sex, or even kissing. Even if you are just friends, there is still something more natural born from this personal experience other than speaking to a stranger on an app.

Anyway, Tinder, see you around I guess.


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