It’s good to get back to a point of equilibrium with yourself. Now I have finally settled in my new place, aced my legal exam and shown rapid progress in my job I feel I can review where I am and what is making me happy.

I forgot how easy it was to allow myself to become wrapped up in everything, so much so that I forgot about what made me happy. I focused so much on pleasing other people that I temporarily lost myself.

But hindsight and time to yourself to reflect are a wonderful thing.

I looked at many things to see what needs to be cut from my life and what points I was at my happiest.

With my faulty knee I lost an outlet in yoga and sports, it was my release, probably more so than sex.

With social media I lost time flicking threw people’s lives I could not really give a toss about – probably likewise for them.

With my new job I focused so much time and energy on it that I lost sight on my long terms goals, and the amount of time I spent studying paid the price.

I wasted time pining over a girl who couldn’t give a crap about me. I wasted time and effort on girls to take my mind off her and none of them came close to her beauty, let alone intelligence.

So I have no hit the reset button.

All forms of social media are gone, I have bit the bullet and paid to have my knee rectified privately and studying is my main priority. I have also made sure I have given myself 15 minutes of yoga meditation each day.

I will of course continue to write on here – although it is mostly dribble.

So here is to back to basics, and being in total control of myself.



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