I once met a girl who likened me to the Shepard boy in the Alchemist.

Before properly reading the book I took it as a slight insult that be called that. At first I thought it meant the poor simple guy who was ghosting through life. But as I read it I got what she meant.

He was like me. Experiencing everything and taking all of life’s tests as they come. Each sign representing the next step. The next stop to the next goal. That next goal that gets you that closer to the next dream.

When looking back on this year as a whole, there have been many signs. Many times where I have have been tested. Life throwing obstacles in my way to help me build my character and to help me find the next step to take.

To me, meeting her was a sign. To attract somebody as smart and beautiful shows a lot about you without you really noticing. Not really knowing that you had grown into that person is a powerful thing. I guess recognising that is also a show of growth too.

This has enabled me to have more trust in my abilities. It gives me believe knowing that I can hold my own. I have done well with intelligent, gorgeous women before, but I have put it down to infactuaction. Not really believing it is anything but fun or a bit of lust.

Instead I have opted for pretty women who are dull. Ones I can move on quickly from and leave – ones that do not test me.

The sign that it was not just that easy to leave this one behind is also a lot to me. It shows that I have sown my seeds. I have got to the point where I am able to want to want more with somebody.

Maybe that will impact my plans. Maybe I will be happy to alter them if I come across the right girl after all. Perhaps like the Shepard boy, I need to fulfill my journey and make my way back to the right person.

All I know for now is that after all this time, I have been on the right path all along.


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