Time Alone

I think too many people underappreciate the time alone they can have. Today has felt like the first time in weeks where I have been left up to my own devices.

I have had no distractions, no forced interactions or nor anything major on my plate to deal with. and. it. was. GLORIOUS!

I often feel sorry for the people who waste days like that because they are too lazy to do anything. Then as the end of the day approaches, you have to put up with their moaning about how they have been bored and they have achieved nothing that day.

I’m not going to lie, I haven’t made great strides today. I did, however, manage to clear my mind and refresh. I could that as a positive because that sets me up to move forward for the rest of the week.

Being able to do yoga and mess around experiment with smoothies wasn’t all too bad (please note: beetroot, cucumber, oranges, apples and lemons are not a good mixture, no matter how many health benefits there are to it). Sitting down to get on top of my finances and housework has also felt like a much welcomed weight off my shoulders too.

I also rediscovered my love of cooking this afternoon too. I have wanted to make chilli and corriander jam for weeks now but I just haven’t had the time to prepare it and hang around for it to be cooked. It was like a nostalgic throwback my days of working in a kitchen. The music was blaring and I could feel myself chopping chillis to a rhythm of the radio.

It all felt like a nice timely reminder that it is okay to want to spend time alone.It’s not to say that I do not appreciate the company of the family and friends. I adore them all and time flys when I am with them. I feel it is important to learn to be alone and to recharge, relfect and enjoy your own company.

Anyway, I have a book to read before bed,



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