Found Out

My hot and cold nature with women came back to bite me in the backside again today. Last week some pretty woman asked me out on a date. I was a little taken back by it.

When somebody makes a move I always revert back to idiot panic mode. This consists of me being hot and cold and inadvertently causing myself more grief than needed. The process also confuses women as they think I am not interested – even when half of the time I am.

Unfortunately, I was very interested, I was just being a pussy about it all as usual. So we agreed on the date and then I proceeded to back off a bit; I had a busy week at work last week and I was also dealing with a delightful chest infection too – poor excuses.

So I went cold for a couple of days. I lied that I was too busy to do anything until the weekend. As she was busy this weekend we agreed that today would be the appropriate time for a date.

That was cool, so I left it for a couple of days before dropping her a text to see how she was. Evidently, the intelligent woman was wise enough to know that if I wasn’t going to put in the effort now, I probably wouldn’t be worth the grief later down the line.

So she called the date off.

In honesty she is right not to go out on a date with me. I spent my weekend pursuing another woman with half an eye on todays date. My despicable attitude towards women shouldn’t be put up with.

The sad thing is, deep down I was actually looking forward to picking the brain of a masters student. She is beautiful and has a lot about her but she deserves better than I. Perhaps I should have made the effort in the first place so I could have reaped the rewards to indulging in another brilliant mind.

And because of my nature of only sticking my toes into the sea instead of jumping in I am now sitting here writing this boring blog post.

Anyway, I have to get back to my leg rehab, so until next time for another irrelevant insight into my foolishness.


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