The cunning sorcerer trapped me with her magic.

There was no flash of the wand or a muttering of a spell.

She lured me in with her subtle touches and passing glances.

Her smooth words smothered in kindness caused me to discard of my armour.


She had no time for mediocrity, nor small talk.

Her intelligence left me in awe.

How could somebody so beautiful be this brilliant?


Before I knew it, a hex was cast on me and she was gone with a blink of eye.

There was no cliche puff of smoke, just a miraculous disappearance.

With her sudden absence, a light flickered off within me.

A wintery blast was felt inside of me and I was left with this empty chasm within.

She had stolen my soul.


For days the cold inside of me spread and my heart started to wither.

My spark had gone, plunging my world into darkness.

The only brief wavering moments of warmth I feel now is of her on that day.

Deceived by her beauty and captivated by her brain, she has drove me insane.

For now I am sat here befuddled and dazed; not understanding why it was me she chose.

Return back to me Sorcerer, free me of this hex and release my soul.



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