She eventually became impervious to the pain,

of walking on the broken pieces,

of her that fell as the years passed by.

Past events that haunted her,

the ghosts of lovers of her past,

the traumas of her feeling lost and alone in the dark.

Her misconception,

her fatal flaw,

was that she had to tear herself down,

in order to soar.

To let her feel this way,

was the greatest crime.

For she did not need to be punished,

by him.

He wasn’t to understand her,

nobody was,

he was to nourish her seeds of growth.

She needed to be more than his infatuation,

more than the streaking flash on a clear summers night,

greater than the shooting star flashing through the sky.

She hoped,

wished and even prayed,

his ignorance would not lead him astray.

Unfortunately for her, he was merely a boy,

and his failure to support her left their to wilt –

to perish.

This sadness, this loss,

would crush her again.

More pieces of her would shatter and fall,

but she would not cripple with pain.

She will rise from her pieces,

her lessons in hurt.

She will learn,

to master life’s most wickedest game.

She will meet the right person,

that will rejuvenate her again.


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