My friend thinks I am stupid for being honest with women. He doesn’t think I should tell potential love interests of my plans to move away next year.

Despite working towards a higher goal being an attractive quality, he does not think it is wise to divulge that information. But I have a counter argument to that.

Why would I want to lead on a woman? Perhaps what I forget to tell them that is I am an extremely open person and I am open to change. I understand a lot of  things do not go to plan. Heck! My life is always taking different twists.

To be honest, I wouldn’t have went travelling and found my dream if I didn’t come across a woman who inspired me enough to do so.

What I am saying is though, from now until September I could stumble across the love of my life and I could be willing to amend my plans. I could change mine to suit hers or we could create ones of our own.

This is why I feel I shouldn’t deceive a woman for the sake of it. Yeah it could be fun but what is the point in starting something if you are just going to cheat them out of their time. It could be fun but they could end up resenting you for wasting there time, no matter what positives  toyouok from it.

I guess what I am saying is, do not ever feel as if you have to lie to somebody for a short term gain. It reflects poorly on yourself and it is unfair on the other person.

With that little thought off my mind, I am now going to get back to my side project of learning the Quran.


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