Blogger Recognition Award

Thank you Misha for nominating my post ‘Caution’ for the award. I cannot really take credit for it as it was just a nice quote I felt that was apt for how I was feeling at that moment. I am hugely grateful that the post was read and liked though.

Also, please note that I am very woeful with this and I have been delayed in responding to this as I cannot figure how to hyperlink other bloggers into this post (if anybody could put me out of my misery and explain in the comments on how to do so, it would be much appreciated).

I will not be a spoil sport though, I will comply with the rules for once. So here it goes:


1. Showcase your award in your blog.Β 

2. Thank the nominator.

3. Briefly describe you journey as a blogger.

4. Give advice to other bloggers.

5. Nominate your friends.



My blog is simple and I am mundane. Its layout and its lazy writing isn’t there to entice people. It is just a platform to get things out of my mind. It is my outlet as I cannot show this side of me to my friends or family. It brings me a little slither of happiness to know that people occasionally stumble across this.


I would like to thanks Misha again for nominating me. You should go check out her writing. She is an incredible talent and she clearly has developed an impressive blog that is always an enjoyable read.


I am not sure why or how I started blogging. I am prone do doing impulsive things. Things I like to try to see if they stick with me. This appears to be one of them. I have gone long stretched without writing. But here and there I come across people who spark creativity or thought into me which leads to more blog posts. For me I would say blogging is the easiest way for me to share parts of me I find hard to share in person.


My advice to bloggers is to write what you want. I am not a great writer, but if you enjoy it why not keep doing it?


So here is the hard part. Me being a Neanderthal, it is going to be hard to tag people who I feel are deserving of the award. Here it goes anyway:


Kunal Rane

The Smiling Pilgram

Trying Not To Hate


For now, thank you for reading. I will try to post an update on my questionable love life sometime this week.



3 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award

  1. I nominated your blog as a whole! :3
    You just need to copy the link address of this blog and post it as a comment on other’s blog. Done!
    You want those blue hyperlinks then you need to select the word, search for the icon that depicts hyperlinking (you will get it after a few trials) and just type of the blog address of that blogger. Tada! Done. πŸ™‚

  2. Oooh, okay, thank you πŸ™‚
    I was vaguely on the right lines of doing so but it wasn’t happening for me so I gave up. Google was surprisingly useless for help too ha πŸ™‚

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