I find it hard to relate to people who are solely driven by money and material things. To me they miss a fundamental part of life out by not seeing a more simplistic dream.

If I were to have anything guaranteed for life other than the ultimate health and happiness to all of my family and friends, it would be for this: to wake with a little home near the beach to the sound of the waves lapping the sand.

I dream of the soothing noise the ocean makes as the tide draws back with each wave. I lay there waiting patiently as each little wave as it caresses the tiny grains of golden sand before slowly retreating again. My Spanish wife lays there across my chest, drifting in and out as her soul speaks effortlessly to my heart.

I will look across the bedroom and towards the double doors where the fresh ocean breeze makes the innocent white net curtains dance to its joyful rhythm.

These are the mornings I long for. Mornings where I finally feel content. Mornings that are impervious of time. Mornings that my soul is free.


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