One Year On

So, on this day last year I was arriving in Hanio, Vietnam, to start my four month journey around South East Asia. This was the first time I had travelled solo out of the UK. For the first time in my life I wasn’t scared. I was excited.

I had shaken that feeling of being lost. First the first time in my life I had felt that I was on the right path. Everything I had endured in life had built me up to get on that plane.

A year on, my only regret I have is that I cam home. I didn’t have a plan when I went there. I didn’t have a wealth of money either. Everything I did was there to test and to build my character. The entire idea was to immerse myself into another world and to test and build my character.

A year on and I am here in Essex sat in my apartment after work swimming in thoughts of nostalgia. Everything is good here but wherever I have settled since I have been back has not felt like home. I am not ungrateful for my life. And I wouldn’t say I am unhappy but I am not content.

I know what I am searching for now though and the path I am is long and testing. But I have finally decided on a plan. I will have to be patient and finish my studies before I can move to Australia and beyond next year – the generic British person plan right?

For now though I have to motivate myself with thoughts of my next adventure and I have to distract myself with the feeling of excitement I felt when I was travelling.

If you would like for me to write some of my stories from travelling let me know and I will make some time to write about them


4 thoughts on “One Year On

  1. I recently stumbled across your blog – there’s something incredibly raw about it. The way you write about pain, regret, hope and inspiration is beautiful. Everyone has a muse whether it’s a person, situation or a circumstance which brings about a surge of emotions- good or bad. Your muse, whatever it is, comes across to me as inspiring and graceful and I sense that (as do others I’m sure) purely by the way you write and convey your message. There seems to be an underlying theme throughout your blog; growth. Am i right? As a writer, that’s hard to do but it seems effortless for you. Keep writing about what inspires YOU.

  2. Hey, Kate, thank you for your kind words. You’re right, growth is the key theme throughout this blog and my life. It is the main motivational tool I was taught to use early in my adult life. Everything you do in life, good or bad, is building to your character and ultimately yourself. I do it in the hope that everything that I learn will eventually guide me to being a better person.

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