Your First High

She was like chasing your first high.

Your first feeling of euphoria –

the tingle,

the heart drop.

Her presence causes you to stare.

Is it more than momentary infatuation that has your eyes glued to her?

In tandem, you miss a breath as your heart skips a beat.

Like Medusa, once both of your eyes meet you find yourself stuck.

But you don’t turn to stone – you escape that.

A feeling of warmth overcomes you.

You begin to crumble as your walls are tumbling down.

Her presence alone has stripped you of your armour.

You are not afraid though.

Your eyes gleam –

her presence has ignited your flame.

Your smile stretches across your face.

You don’t want to run away.

You want to know what this feeling that has overcome you is.

You never released it but you have been away this entire time.

You have finally made it –

you are finally home.


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