Trapped by your gravitational pull,

You are to never to understand why I put your world on a pedestal,

Quit second guessing, be blind to what I see,

Hold the questions and appreciate the mystery,

Let your affection turn me to a fool.


Big Eyes

Big eyes,

I’ve drowned in your pools. 

Naive little me,

I could not escape the shallow little thoughts. 

Your beauty too much of an allure,

Wisked me away to the centre of the storm. 

You were never to be tamed,

You were to be admired – your depths explored. 

You’ve taken all from me,

Please, just wash me ashore. 


Everyone is bound by time

Trapped by the clock hands of life

People forget that the game of life shouldn’t be a race against the clock

It should be immersing yourself into an array of experiences

Enable youraelf to forget the loud chimes of the bells ringing as another hour passes by –

Make mistakes

Take a chance on new people

Wander not wonder

Make stories that last a lifetime


So as it stands I am writing this on my last night in Italy during my little European excursion. I honestly cannot praise this country enough for the experience they have provided me with over the past few days. 

I was always looking forward to this visit as the architecture and the scenery is utterly stunning. I wasn’t disappointed at all. 

I fell in love with their language, their women – the U.K. only have women that are hidden behind two inches of make up – and their culture. 

I liked that many Italians has poor English too. This encouraged me to pick up their language immediately to enable me to have the best experience. One of my favourite things to do when visiting a country is to speak their language. I love this as they are pleasantly suprised by the fact you made an effort and you delivery it with a smile. 

As a whole, I would come back and backpack this beautiful country properly next time. I think this would something nice to do with a better half for a month or so as there is so much to see and do. Perhaps I’ll fit it in between time off from uni next year. 

Anyway, I have France to look forward to now so I’ll have to love and leave you for now.