Trapped by your gravitational pull,

You are to never to understand why I put your world on a pedestal,

Quit second guessing, be blind to what I see,

Hold the questions and appreciate the mystery,

Let your affection turn me to a fool.



“But the wandering heart, the wandering eye, the wandering dream: they are the elusive things. To be thanked, to be controlled. Like a bison.

Ambition is beautiful, natural, but might just knock down your house.”

– Jedidiah Jenkins

Big Eyes

Big eyes,

I’ve drowned in your pools. 

Naive little me,

I could not escape the shallow little thoughts. 

Your beauty too much of an allure,

Wisked me away to the centre of the storm. 

You were never to be tamed,

You were to be admired – your depths explored. 

You’ve taken all from me,

Please, just wash me ashore. 



As the tears filled her eyes,

her heart sunk,

she was paralysed.

The needless lies,

left her defunct,

her thoughts now forever demonised.




The fire in her eyes,

started from the devil within.

It awoke the pyromaniac,

the one drew to sin.

His fire long gone,

extinguished by fear.

His judgement clouded,

by the one he held dear.

Amongst the plumes,

one brave ember prevails.

This glimmer of hope,

is the last in this man’s tales.





Everyone is bound by time

Trapped by the clock hands of life

People forget that the game of life shouldn’t be a race against the clock

It should be immersing yourself into an array of experiences

Enable youraelf to forget the loud chimes of the bells ringing as another hour passes by –

Make mistakes

Take a chance on new people

Wander not wonder

Make stories that last a lifetime



“I can’t fall in love with the sky,

if I know nothing about the ocean.

The same way I can’t fall in love with your skin,

if I know nothing about your soul.”

– R.M. Drake